Seizures…do they ever end?

The kids were with their dad in Missouri for the month…Everything until this point had been going very well with Ryan and his seizure control. However, on June 28, I got a call from him stating Ryan had a seizure.

He dropped the kids off at daycare. Everything seemed just fine. Within 20 minutes of dropping the kids off, he got a call from the daycare provider that something was wrong. Ryan was staring off and his right side was twitching. He told the provider to insert the diastat, call 9-1-1 and he would be on his way back. They went to the ER while I helped get in contact with the neurologist back here in Wisconsin.

His visit in the ER was only a matter of an hour – if that. He was back to his baseline (with diastat) that quick…they went home and we still don’t know the cause.

After the 4th of July weekend, the kids were to be dropped back off at my house for the rest of the summer – with the possibility of a small visit in between. They would be headed with their dad to his parents house (5 hours north of me) that weekend. Because of the seizure, they would be headed early as their dad was able to get off work for the weekend.

They made it to his parents house safe and sound. The time for them to be back in my house again was less than 5 days closer!

July 2nd – I get a call from their dad’s phone and it’s Britney. She tells me Ryan’s fine, but he had a seizure. The EMT’s were there talking to her dad and that’s why she was calling me instead of him.

Ryan had fallen asleep on the couch watching a movie with Britney. Her dad had gone outside to talk to her grandpa when she noticed Ryan’s right side was twitching and he was now awake looking at her. She ran and got her dad, and they called 9-1-1. The EMT’s came and made sure his vitals were ok and once he was at his baseline, they left. Ryan was not taken to the hospital this time.

The stress these two seizures did to me within a matter of 4 days was unbelievable. I just wanted my babies home and in my house again. We still don’t know what caused either of these seizures…but there were definitely going to be some serious conversations with the neuro team in our immediate future.



  1. Krissie

    Was it because he had grown and so needed a higher dosage of medication? Or the stress of being in a new routine?

    • We don’t know, Krissie. Could be anything…that’s the most frustrating thing; Not knowing what’s caused these seizures.

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