Wow. I’m so blessed!

I can’t even believe how blessed and in awe of the support from everyone I feel right now.

I can’t not thank my mom. She’s been there from the very beginning of everything…I really don’t know what I would do without her! I can’t thank her enough, and I don’t know if she really truly knows how much my kids and I appreciate her. She’s come over at all phone calls at all hours of the night, just stopped by, called, and been there for me. God bless her! And THANK YOU MOM!

Aunt Beth…I don’t even know where I would start. From the very first appointment at Children’s – she was there. She’s walked right beside me and helped me advocate for Ryan. Her help, even if it’s just writing down what the docs have said because I couldn’t process it all at an appointment, means SO much to me. THANK YOU! Thank you! THANK YOU!

My sister helped me SOOO much to get ready for today’s booth. Her hard work with all of the crafts she put together, the late nights, the day away from her kids and husband, many trips to craft stores for her projects…even if they were flops. 😉 THANK YOU!! Shall we do another? 😉 If anything, I had a blast spending time with you and Ryan had a great time with your babies… Thank you!!

I had a good college friend come from almost 45 minutes away to help support Ryan’s school today (spending well over what she planned) and hanging out with us a bit at our booth. THANK YOU! It’s always great to see her and catch up.

I post a link to his fundraising site on my Facebook and within an hour – we’ve surpassed our 2nd goal of $500!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!
(This is NOT including what we’ve made in fundraising efforts yet. That will be posted this week!)

I continue to have the support from many friends and even people who I’ve not seen/talked to in quite some time ask how Ryan is doing. It really does mean a lot. Really!! Thankfully with social media outlets like Facebook and this website, I’m able to keep in touch with people I may not have a chance to otherwise. We’re all able to get the word out about Chromosome 18 abnormalities, Epilepsy, and all of Ryan’s other quirks. The more we’re able to connect and learn about what’s out there, the more we’ll all realize that knowledge really is power. So thank YOU for your continued support and care. It’s greatly appreciated!


So yes. I’m in awe. I’m literally in tears because I feel so blessed for all of the people I have in the kids and my life.

With 6 weeks to go to our Brainstorm Walk for Epilepsy – we’re setting a new goal and hope to surpass this one within a few weeks just to make yet ANOTHER goal before the walk on June 24, 2012.

Our new goal – $750!!  Please – Help us get there!


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