Operation Britney

Over the last 3 1/2 years, Britney went from being the only child to being an older sister and a bit of an only child since the age difference is such. She’s a child of divorce, what some call a ‘military brat’, and one of the strongest kindest, sweetest girls I know.

But she’s also had a hard time in the last few months dealing with all of the changes in her life. Ryan’s hospitalizations/ER visits give her a lot of anxiety. Seizures or even sometimes when he’s gazing, she’ll be worried very easily about a possible seizure. She’s the best big sister for Ryan…and I’m so blessed to have her! She’s mentioned the attention that Ryan gets is “not fair”, but she understands it at the same time. We get reminders in the mail a week before appointments for Ryan at Children’s and I can see the disappointment in her face that there ends up not being anything for her.

A month ago, I sent a message to a few friends asking for their kids to send Britney a little note in the mail because she was missing them and talked about them all of the time. A great friend sent a message right back saying she’d have her girls sit down and write a letter to Britney. Within the next week, Britney received a Valentine’s day card with pictures and letters from each of her 3 girls. She opened that envelope so quick and got to replying to the girls a few days later!

The other day, she randomly received a card from my sister in the mail. Just a card out of the blue telling Britney that my sister was thinking of her and how strong and amazing she is. Britney was beaming!!

I love seeing her so happy. And if it just takes a card, a small little note to give her a little bit of happiness?! What could a few do?!

Which gave me an idea where I need your help…YOU. Not the other person reading this…YOU!

Grab a sheet of paper or card. Address it to Britney…and write a small little note to her. About her. About you. Do you have animals? Tell her! She LOVES animals.
Email me @ ryans18q@gmail.com – and I’ll shoot you the address to send it to!

Thank you so much…I have a little girl who will appreciate it more than you even know.


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