Tutu Pictures!

This tutu fundraiser is off to a great start! We’ll continue raising money for the Brainstorm walk until the end of March. Then we’ll be working on something different. 🙂

Here are some pictures of a few we’ve completed! Sorry that the picture quality isn’t the best.

I’ll add more when I have them.

Not the best picture - but here's a completed purple tutu!

Elmo's stylin' the purple and gold (yellow) baby doll sized tutu!

Blue and teal toddler tutu!

Made and fits Britney (10y/o) - size 12. (Pup not included!)

Tutu Fundraising for our Brainstorm walk!
A big sister wants to find a cure for her brother who suffers from Epilepsy. With this, we’re upping our original goal of $250 to $500.
We’re making tutu’s in an effort to help that fundraising goal. Please see sizes and asking donations below: As always, please feel free to send more or donate separately!

Size                    Asking donation
American Girl                $7
Baby doll                      $10
Baby girl                      $12
Toddler                        $15
Little girl                      $20
Girl (up to size 12)      $30

Email your name, size, color, when you’ll be sending a check or money order to us: stronger4itall@yahoo.com.
After we receive your donation and send your tutu to you, (I love that…tutu to) we’ll make your donation (minus shipping) go towards our goal.

Thank you.

Thank you!

Thank You!




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