Tutu Fundraising

Along the lines of what I was going to end up purchasing my niece for her 1st birthday is the first of Britney and my ideas for fundraising for our Brainstorm walk for Epilepsy. (…stay tuned Ellie bird! Auntie Bina will come through for you in the end. I promise!)

Britney's finishing the first American Girl doll tutu!

The finished tutu on an American Girl!

We have different colored tutus that fit an American Girl doll! I’ll post the different colors this evening once I get the kids to bed.

Colors to choose from are pinks (Dark and light), blues (Teal and royal), purple, yellow, green, and white (white not shown)…along with a mixture of a few colors.

Colors to choose from!

If you’d like a beautiful shimmery tutu to add to your American Girl dolls collection of clothing, please let me know! We’re asking for a $7 donation that will go towards the Brainstorm walk for Epilepsy. A portion will also go toward shipping costs.

Of course, if you’d like to donate more, we would never say no!! *hint hint*

We’re in the process of perfecting them for little girls too!! (6months – 10years!!!)

More pictures to come soon of completed tutu’s!

Please email me if you’re interested in a tutu.

If you’re not interested in a Tutu but want to donate, please do that here.


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