Project Epilepsy

With the walk and our donations going so well, it got me thinking. How can we triple, maybe even quadruple our goal of $250?

Back up a bit – Friday night, the kids and I went to what they called a White Elephant Sale. People from the area either brought their stuff from home they didn’t want or need anymore, their sell at home products, or crafts, put it on display and sold it to a local “Ladies Night Out” event that J and his brother drive their limo bus for. He also had a table there that his cousin was running…so we brought a few things in an attempt to make a few bucks.

The table next to J and his cousins was a woman who had some adorable baby girls clothes, hair bows, and tutus. Having my baby niece’s birthday party to go to the following day I thought it would be PERFECT for her. At the end of the day – it didn’t work out and we ended up going with a box of diapers and a Sweet Dream bedtime reading book that Britney and Ryan picked out – both, something she’ll use the next day! 🙂

So here’s the idea:
Britney and I have put together some items and we will continue to.
If anyone wants to donate anything for this cause, it would be totally welcome and appreciated. (Services, homemade items, supplies, etc.)
I haven’t decided if I want to auction them off or if Britney and I will name a price.
Shipping would be taken from the funds…or paid by the buyer. Not sure yet.
All monies will go towards the Epilepsy Walk.

Once I figure out the details, I’ll let you all know. Any suggestions you would have, would be appreciated. Email your suggestions here.


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