Baby Cousin’s 1st Birthday party!

This weekend, we ventured out to my baby niece’s 1st birthday party. Ryan absolutely LOVES his cousin Ellie so much, he can’t keep his hands off of her when they’re in reaching distance. REALLY! He wants to touch her beautiful face and pat her head. It’s adorable. But he also shows his jealousy towards her when I’m holding her too. After waiting to see it for over a year, I’m glad to see the jealousy finally come out and him actually show/voice it! (Even if it is a yell or other noise.)

So the birthday party was at a Children’s museum. Is there any other perfect place to have a little kid’s birthday party? I think not.

Britney was able to find herself things to do and keep busy, there was a place for the “crawlers” to be so Ellie had a perfect padded place to be (with surrounding mom, dad, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends!) and the other toddlers (including Ryan and Wyatt of course) found many areas to play in! The adults were even having a great time!

Ryan and I started playing with the musical instruments first.

Grocery shopping with mom.

Who’s paying for these grocery’s anyway?!

Fireman Ryan wanted to play tic tac toe!


Firelady the rescue!!!

Ryan and his buddy Elijah playing in the workshop!

It makes my heart melt to see these two playing together. I *heart* them so much!!

Papa was so proud to see Ryan loving this workshop! He'll be following Papa's footsteps if he keeps this up!

Britney with the construction puppet. She cracks me up.

When they were a kid, who didn’t want to have ALL of this stuff in their own houses?! A grocery store, a work bench, a musical room, puppet show! Could it get any better…? There was even a stage with a real curtain to put on your own fashion show or performance! The kids were in heaven.


When we were all done in the children’s part of the party – we went upstairs for food and cake. What’s a birthday party without it right? 🙂

Birthday girl Ellie with her smash cake. She was so careful with it!

The "everyone else's" cake! My sister amazes me - throwing this kind of party, making BOTH cakes, plus her friend Deb and her made cupcakes for the guests to take home - simply amazing!

Ryan – after being passed around from lap to stroller to lap – in an attempt to keep his crawling self off of the dirty floor – went for a “walk” around the room with Britney. He’s walking by just holding onto one finger now and Britney LOVES helping him. She can’t wait for him to just let go and take off! We all can’t. But in due time, it will come!

At one point, Cousin Amanda was helping Ryan and had him stand a few feet away from Britney. I helped them, and Ryan, to feel comfortable enough to let go. While Amanda held his back, enough for him to know he was in someones hands, his arms and hands were free – Britney encouraged him to walk to her. He took 5 steps and wrapped his arms around her and just squeezed!!

Britney’s face turned bright red and was clearly in shock! Even though Ryan has taken a few steps here and there on his own, Britney’s never seen it. She hugged him so tight and celebrated him walking to her…it was so cool to watch.

We were all so excited to see such an awesome moment, Britney and a few others wanted to see it again. As I was helping to clean up, Ryan took another approximately 10 steps on his own. My kids are amazing! I just love them so much. 🙂

All in all – we had a great time catching up with family and friends we don’t see very often, and meeting new friends too – all at a fun Birthday party where Ryan walked to his sister for the first time!

Another first – for the record – Ryan made it through one of his cousin’s birthday party from beginning to end with no issues. THANK GOD! I hope this is the beginning of a new norm!



(Wyatts 3rd birthday party – Ryan threw up right before we were ready to eat. We ended up leaving an hour before we were to be on the road for the kids to see their dad.)
(Wyatts 2nd birthday party – Ryan was in the hospital for THE Surgery.)
(Wyatts 1st birthday party – we were living in Texas at the time – unable to get home for the party.)


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  1. Amanda

    It was SO AMAZING getting to help Ryan walk!! That little guy is so strong and B is such an AMAZING big sis! What a strong family you have, Robin! Love you!

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