Friday – seizure
Saturday night/Sunday morning – NASTY Nose bleed
Monday morning – very small minimal nose bleed
Tuesday – PNEUMONIA?!

Ryan’s had a rough last few weeks as he’s had a cold for about three weeks now. After the small nose bleed on Monday morning, I noticed his nose started to run again with snot. I didn’t notice it at all before this – he just had a continuing cough. Especially at night!

So on Tuesday, when we woke up and I noticed he still had a runny nose, I called the pediatrician to see if we could get in for an appointment to see what was going on.

Our appointment with Dr. H went well…she took his vitals, took his last few weeks of history (we had just seen her for the drool a week and a half prior) and as she’s listening to his breathing, she looks at me and says, “Pneumonia.”

WTF!? Can this little dude catch a break at ALL?!

So he’s not only taking his anti-seizure medication but he’s taking Zithromax for the next 5 days as well.

Last night, after his first dose of the antibiotic and dinner, he was his playful self. Today, he’s with J in his own environment at home and even though he has had a few coughs here and there, sounds like he’s doing fabulous!

When I’ve called to talk to them, Ryan’s in the background babbling and giggling away!

Hopefully he’s on the road to recovery…for awhile. Winter sucks for this little boy.


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