Nasty bloody nose

Within 48 hours of being discharged from Children’s hospital for a nasty seizure, on January 30, 2012 I wake up to Ryan coughing and crying at 12:45am. I have my phone in my hand and use that light to look in his crib to see blood all over his face…all over his PJ’s, pillow, blankets surrounding him, and he’s obviously uncomfortable as he’s wiping his face and rubbing his nose.

I flip the hall light on and get a washcloth with warm water on it at the same time call to my boyfriend (J) who is asleep on the couch to see if he can wake up and help me. As he stood by Ryan’s crib, it took me at least 5 times of rinsing the washcloth off and going back to his crib to wipe all of the blood off his face!

When I take his PJ’s off, I realize the blood is all around the neck line of them. J is holding him when I realize his nose is still bleeding. We hold his nose and stop it from bleeding. I grab a shirt to put on Ryan and put a clean blanket around him so I can snuggle him.

I realize the humidifyer was turned off when Ryan and I left for the ER on Friday morning and hadnt been turned back on yet. When I’ve taken him to the ER before for a bloody nose, they’ve told me to keep the humidifier on at all times in the winter due to the dry air in the house. Because the humidifyer wasnt turned on, I didnt think it was necessary for me to make an ER visit for them to tell me the same thing…

The clean up of this was just horrifying! There were what seemed to be blood clots on the neck of his PJ’s and his blankets. They could have very well been flem, but it was red at the same time.

The blankets, sheets, and pillow were thrown in the wash right away – It took about 10 minutes of the PJ’s being under the warm water in the sink and I still hadn’t rinsed all of the blood out of the neck of them before those joined the rest of the linen in the washer.

On Monday morning, Ryan woke up with another bloody nose but not nearly as bad as the one from Sunday night. He had one small drop coming down the right side of it and was done bleeding pretty quick!

Needless to say, it was a rough weekend for Ryan…and mom!


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