Lots of drool

Last week, I was concerned as Ryan was not only sick with a cold, but he had been drooling excessivly and he’s again been grinding his teeth for about a month. I called Neuro and they had mentioned that it could be because of his cold, it could be because of new teeth coming in…but to be sure that it’s not his adnoids or tonsels, call the pediatrician and see her first.

OK fine.

One good things about Ryan having to have seen the doctor so many times in a short amount of time, is the relationship we’ve grown to have with our pediatrician. I’m on first name basis’ with her nurse and when we need ANYTHING, she’s there to help me through it. Literally. (For example, I called her one afternoon when Ryan came home from school with a pinkness in his eye, asked her to put in a prescription for pink eye meds. It was there within 15 minutes ready to pick up!) She’s amazing.

They get all of the reports from any visit we have at Children’s and stay on top of his care. I ran into the pediatrician on her day off one afternoon on my lunch break at Target with her son. She asked, by name, how Ryan was doing. This woman sees probably hundreds, maybe thousands of kids…and she’s asking by name how Ryan is doing? Sure we live in a small town, but the hospital she works in and we see her in is on the corner of 2 Hwy’s where each way you go will lead you to a different town.

Anyways – excessive drool…And when I say excessive, I mean – daycare changing his shirt 3 times a day – excessive.

We get an appointment for the following day. Long story short – Ryan breathes with his mouth open. Because of this, it causes extra drool and since he’s not swallowing it it’s running down his chin. She said the reason he could be breathing with his mouth open could be because of his adnoids. We’ll follow up with that with ENT when we see them in a month or two.

She also mentioned the fact that Ryan does have hypotonia (floppiness) in his legs and arms. She mentioned how it could be in his mouth/lips/cheeks/tounge area as well, causing him to not swallow the drool and it comes out his mouth down his chin. Thats something Neuro will have to be told so they can look into the hypotonia part of it the next time we see them.

The teeth grinding could have lots to do with the molars coming in and it’s Ryans way of dealing with the pain. We’ll follow up and talk to the dentist about that when we see her next week.

Other than that, he checked out ok. Tonsils were good, ears are ok – Ryan’s still his “spunky self” so I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. 🙂


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