Might only be 3, but has the BEST cuddles!

I’m not sure if it’s normal, but I’ve grown an ignorance when it comes to the way people react to Ryan. Or maybe it’s the judgemental childhood I had growing up in a very small town that I still haven’t gotten over and this is yet another way it’s coming out. Who knows.

When I’m asked how old Ryan is and respond with 3…I’m given the response of one of many comments. Here are just 2 –

1. “Wow! Small little guy isn’t he?”
    1a. To which my smartass wants to respond with, “Wow! You’re observant!”
    1b. But I actually respond with, “Yes, he is.”
    1c. Unless I want to be informational, I will go into, “Yes…he has a Chromosome 18 Abnormality and being small is one part of it….” Which either leads to more questions, the person saying “oh ok!” (and I can just see them eye Ryan up and down looking at him with judgemental eyes even more), or they will go into a story of them knowing someone with another Chromosome disorder. I appreciate the 1st or 3rd response as the more that learn about Chromosome 18 abnormailites, the more aware everyone can and will be in the future. 🙂

2. “He doesn’t look 3!”
    2a. To which I want to respond with, “And do I look like I’m 32…?”
    2b. But actually respond with, “Yup!”
    2c. Unless the person looks like they actually care and I’m in a mood that I want to be informational, I’ll go into answer 1c above.

The fact that Ryan is 3 and is still very small, (the size of an average 9-month old) just means I’m blessed to have more cuddle time with him. And let me tell you, this little dude is the best cuddler in the world!

He’s been hugging too now for at least the last 3 months. When he hugs me, he wraps his arms around my shoulders and neck, and squeezes with all his might. I can just feel the love he has for me and wants to share.

The best time is after his bath; once his PJ’s are on, he’ll stand up holding onto my shoulders and he’ll get this adorable “here I come Mom!” look with a cute cheesey grin on his face and wrap his whole body around mine. I’ll place one of his little blankets on my shoulder and he’ll take his right arm and wrap it around the blanket then pat or rub my left arm/shoulder. He’ll put his right ear on the blanket which is on my shoulder and then his left thumb will be in his mouth while he sucks away. Cheek to cheek, he’ll dose off if I’m rocking him and he’s ready for bed.

There really isn’t anything like your children’s hugs and cuddles. Regardless of how old they look or are. Thank God for that!



  1. Vicki reese

    How fortunate you all are to be part of Ryan’s life! Blessings come in all sizes and shapes. Ryan is also blessed to be loved and cherished by his family!

  2. abby

    Awww love cuddles with Ryan! Best cuddle bug out there!

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