Discovery World!

The weather in Wisconsin has been quite interesting lately! It’s almost the middle of January and we’ve had barely an inch of snow that lasted a matter of 24 hours and melted. Craziness!

Last week, the first week of 2012, was 40’s and 50’s all week. Double craziness!

 When looking at the weather for this past weekend, it said we would have the same type of weather. So in an attempt to get out of the house, it was off to Discovery World in Milwaukee for us.

 Below are pictures of Ryan in the Great Lakes and aquarium areas. His favorite parts of the whole museum!

Ryan with his cousin Wyatt and sister Britney.

Here fishy fishy….

He was impressed with the turtle in this tank!

Too bad the turtle wasn’t impressed with Ryan. He started burying himself…

He was mesmerized by the jelly fish.

Ryan could have sat in front of a fish tank all day while everyone else explored the rest of the museum, and Ryan would have been totally ok with it!

While Britney loved the feel tank – Ryan was not as excited about putting his hand near something that moved as it swam by…

Aunt Katie, Wyatt and Britney. The eels were SOOO soft!!

Another fun fishy tank.
There was a smaller puffer fish in this tank along with many Dori’s (you know….Nemo!) and other colorful fish. I just happened to take a picture of Ryan with the coral instead. *Doh!*

 After an exhausting day, Ryan not having a nap, and blank stares on the car ride home, we were all glad to be home from a fun day!

(I think my feet have finally recovered….mama needs a new pair of shoes!)  

Looking back at these pictures has me wanting to take the kids to the Shed Aquarium! But for now, we’ll definitely be back to explore Discovery World again!


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