Over a year ago, Ryan had THE Surgery. He was army crawling, and after LOTS of work with our PT every week, he still wouldn’t get up on his knees. When he sat on his own, his equilibrium was not right and we had to worry he would fall over. He was babbling, but wasn’t saying any words.

He had slight water on his brain and his past MRIs showed his spinal fluid wasn’t able to travel up to the brain and then back down through the spinal canal and cord. He had Chiari I Malformation surgery. 

Once he had the surgery, things just started to click for Ryan. Seeing PT, OT and Speech therapy every week, Ryan started to crawl with the PT and “W” sit. Within approximately 6 months following surgery, he started to get the strength to stand up against the couch and tables. We were lucky and blessed to have a walker for Ryan to use to learn how to walk. He’s had that walker about 9 months now.

About 13 months after his surgery, (October 2011) Ryan started school. He’s in a special needs school at 3 years old and absolutely loves it. He gets up in the morning, goes to daycare, and rides a bus to and from school! Hes my little boy, on a bus…going to school!

Ryan’s first day, of school, he had all that he needed. His dad was there along with my mom and I. We hung out in Ryan’s new classroom for about 20 minutes playing and getting to know the 5 other children in Ryans class. One little girl was using a walker just like Ryan’s last year. Now she’s walking by herself. One little boy, has downs and was particular to holding my hand. Another little boy was upset he wasn’t getting all of the attention and threw a bowl of beans from the texture bin. Ryan was loving all of the new people and kids.

Once we were done and ready to let Ryan start his first day of school, Ryan’s dad and my mom went on a tour of the school…I had gotten one prior to the past year ending. I headed off to the nurses office to discuss Ryan and answer questions she may have had about Ryan.

About 30 minutes later, I see Ryan’s dad and my mom come around the corner and head into the nurses office to meet Nurse Linda. The coolest thing EVER happened while we were leaving the school.

Ya know those little scooters that we used in gym class as kids to have team races? You know the ones. Remember THESE?

So all of the kids from Ryan’s class are on their little scooters, while Ryan’s walking the halls of the school with his walker! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

School is a great place for Ryan to be. I can’t to brag about when he’s done with that ole’ walker!


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