First Dentist Appointment!

MAY 2, 2011


1)    Ryan is coming in today to have his front tooth looked at.  It is slightly discolored due to some falls he has had.  This is Ryan’s first dental appointment.  Dr. Schieber said that baby teeth often show more bruising.   

2)    He asked what liquids Ryan drinks during the day.  Pediasure has more sugar in it, but if Ryan needs that for nutrition, then you have to weigh the risks vs. benefit. If possible, he would recommend Ryan drink more water during the day also. 

3)    The doctor showed Robin how to brush his teeth.  He encouraged Robin to brush his teeth especially before bed time at night, and if possible, in the morning after breakfast.    Ryan was given a brand new toothbrush to use at home. 

4)    He asked if Ryan sucks his thumb or fingers. Ryan sucks his left thumb.  Dr. Schieber said thumb sucking should lessen by 3 years old or at the latest, at 6 years old.  Sucking on your thumb, long term, may cause mouth abnormalities.  But again weigh the risks vs. benefit. 

5)    Dr. Schieber said that the health of baby teeth is important for the health of the permanent teeth.  By brushing the baby teeth and good oral hygiene, it prevents infections and gum problems in the future. 

6)    He examined Ryan’s front tooth that is discolored. He found it was a little loose. 

7)    Ryan’s gum tissue is very healthy and he said the other teeth look good.  He found some plaque around his gums.  He suggested using a small amount of fluoridated toothpaste on the brush to brush his teeth.  If you put too much toothpaste on the brush, the child will just swallow it. 

8)    Dr. Schieber took an x-ray of his front tooth and found the root was fine and in good health.

9)    So his recommendations are: weigh the risks vs. benefit of adding water during the day in place of some Pediasure, get some fluoridated toothpaste with the American Dental Association seal on it and brush teeth at least one time a day especially before bed time, to begin flossing teeth, and schedule a follow up appt. in 6 months.   


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