August 31, 2009

After a 2 hour wait, seeing 10 people go from one waiting room to the other, then once we got into that 2nd waiting room, seeing a lady with a Tea Cup Chihuahua (sp) with a sweater on (in El Paso, AND in a office that hasnt had the air on all weekend long!!! It had to be 85* in there!), EARRINGS on – THE PUP!, and inside the ladies purse…then to only see the doctor for about 5 mintues – Ryan does NOT need glasses at this time.

She noticed the back of his eyes look normal, she didnt notice his laziness of his lazy eye, and said that he has the most beautiful eyes she’s seen all day. (Thats a given!)

We’ll go back in 6 months to see if there is any change from now. If I notice his lazy eye (his right eye every now and then) getting any anymore lazy on a more constant basis, then we’ll make another appointment sooner then 6 months from now.

1 answer down…2 to go!


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